In an effort to improve your access to timely care and comply with new federal guidelines, patient communications regarding your personal health, appointment reminders and practice updates will be delivered via email and the secure patient portal, PortalConnect.

With PortalConnect you (and your family) will be able to connect with your doctor’s office and have access to your personal health record from anywhere. PortalConnect makes it easy to:

  • Patient Portal feature: PHR

    Full access to your personal health records at any time.
    Keeping your personal medical record up to date with procedures, medications, immunizations, allergies, weight, blood pressure, glucose monitoring, etc…

  • Patient Portal feature: Secure Messaging

    Sending secure messages to your physician.

  • Patient Portal feature: Schedule appointments

    Scheduling appointments with your physician.
    Viewing appointments details and test results.

  • Patient Portal feature: Prescription Renewals

    Review treatment plans, request prescription renewals and manage your pharmacy locations (Some prescriptions may still require an office visit).

Portal Connect membership is available for as little as $90/year – just $7.50/month.
Please contact the office for enrollment instructions if you haven’t received them by e-mail.